Week 15 Summary

This week was all about doing the movie piece of Letters to Home. I filmed a lot of clips and also recorded a lot of audio clips to overlay in the video (see Dennis’ Final Monologue here). Combining those thing created a lot of editing to produce the final video. I also created a movie poster for Letters to Home that you can see here.  I really enjoyed making a long video and really feel like the prequel of Dennis’ story has been told well. Thanks for the crazy times Ds106 this is Aaron and Dennis Singing off!

Letters to Home

I, Dennis, am a freshman at university but things aren’t what I want. I wish to be free and as you might  see I could find a way out.

This movie is a correlation of letters Dennis has written home,like this one, as well as letters his parents have written back to him (all written by Aaron Dyke). These letters were all collected and narrated by their respective authors. There were also two monologues by Dennis each recorded separately (see Dennis’ Final Monologue) and edited into the video. Each author was filmed while responding via email. These clips were all compiled into iMovie (see a behind the scenes editing picture here) along with some royalty free music and they produced the movie you see today.The morning routine shots tried to incorporate visual elements that made them a little more exciting. This is a the prequel to the Smooth and Spooky Variety Hour Ds106 Radio Show where the zombies have taken over and Dennis calls into the station to warn his favorite DJs about their impending doom. Thank you for enjoying Letters to Home


Dennis and Aaron

Final Monologue

Dennis’ final monologue in Letters to Home is about him leaving his standard life to go out zombie fighting. It involves him being happy about what he is about to do but at the same time kind of sad because he isn’t sure about the issues that may arise in the future. Here is Dennis’ final monologue:

Week 13 Summary

This week was about the final project. I brainstormed an idea for my project and came up with one and talk about it here. I also drafted the first letter home from Dennis that you can see here.  I have some more letters finished however I don’t want to give away the whole story before the movie comes out so I wont be uploading those. I’ve gotten a good chunk done for my project, most of the script is done and a lot of the shots needed have been formed into one list to help organize for shooting day. I also went looking at other peoples final project ideas and did some commenting you can see here and here. It was a good week and I’m excited to put some finishing touches on my project next week.

The First Dennis Letter

A letter from Dennis to his parents:

Dear Mom and Dad,

This is not what you want to hear but this isn’t for me. College is hard and this whole institutionalized learning is a terrible system. I feel too constrained; I’m not free to do or learn what I want. Instead of learning about things I enjoy I am left with memorizing formulas and chemical structures. My time is nothing but looking for answers through a textbook only to get a grade for finding them. College was supposed to be this time of freedom but it’s quite the opposite. My roommates only care about beer and boobs and my professors only want to teach what the textbook says. The stereotypes that everyone says don’t exist actually do, and I don’t fit in with any. I don’t feel like this is my place and I don’t think my place is anywhere near.

Love, Dennis


Writing this letter made me think about how this would be a good Assignment for the writing category so I will be adding that in a later post.

Final Project Idea

My final media project is going to be a ~15 minute movie. The main character (Dennis my host character) is writing letters home to his parents about his experiences in college and his parents are responding. It will involve a movie as well as some sound editing of Dennis and parents reading the letters. I also plan to create a movie poster design for the movie as well as of course write the letters. All and all I think it will be a good movie and really show what I have learned in my time in Ds106.

Week 12 Summary

This week was mash-ups. I enjoyed doing the mash-ups this week because it let me do a little of everything; sound, picture, and movie editing. I did 10 stars of mash-up assignments; 10 seconds worth of my favorite songs,  a logo edit to include some chicken, and a stoner’s dream for a movie poster. I also created two remixes; one where I snoobily reviewed my lip-sync video and one where I commentated in a confused way. I did only one daily create (due to my busyness and forgetfulness combined). It was a fun week of creative moments.

I also did some commenting. You can check those out here:











Snobby Reviewing

This week I went on a quest to find and review a lip-sync video. I had, the second week of my Ds106 adventure created a lip-sync of Rick Astley’s  Never Gonna Give You Up. I did this video before I learned about lighting and really telling a story with my videos and it produced an interesting… result. With the knowledge I have gained form Ds106 I have come back to give my snobby review of my lip-sync.

This is a Remixed Video assignment for Ds106 titled Lip-Sync Along [Remixed]: Stuffy Art Critic. I created this by recording myself in iMovie and critiquing my lip-sync video. I also added the original lip-sync video in the corner of my critique through iMovie.

Confused Commentating

Sometimes when watching urban mountain biking I find myself confused with the actual happenings of the events that are taking place in the video. However, that will not stop me from leaving my commentary on one of the cooler urban mountain biking videos red bull showed on their youtube channel. Enjoy my opposite commentary!

This was a remixed video asignment for Ds106 titled Play By Play [Remixed]: The Opposer. I created this by finding an urban mountain biking video from red bull’s youtube channel and adding my voiceover in iMovie.